• Vanessa R

What is conscious copywriting (and is it right for your business?)

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

What is conscious copywriting? Perhaps you’ve only recently encountered this term during your search for a copywriter and it’s left you feeling a little bemused. Well, the world is quickly moving into a more conscious way of being, from the food we eat to the clothes we wear. So it only seems right that copywriting would move into a more conscious direction too, right?

But what does conscious copywriting actually consist of?

What is the meaning of conscious copywriting?

Conscious copywriting is dualistic in nature, influencing both the business relationship and the language of the copy. From a business partnership point of view, it’s ensuring both the copywriter and client are in alignment with their values and mission, with both parties often showing a devotion to bettering the planet. From a language point of view, it’s being committed to delivering your message in a transparent and connected way, without the use of manipulative tactics.

A conscious partnership

A conscious copywriter collaborates with brands they whole-heartedly believe in, often seeking out the change-makers and way-showers. We choose to amplify the messages of causes we can really get behind, and that’s what sets our soul on fire.

Similarly, a conscious company may prioritise finding a copywriter who shows a genuine interest in their mission. Simply hiring just any copywriter wouldn’t feel right.

Conscious language

Conscious copywriting is also using language to interact with audiences in an ethical, sensitive and transparent way. There are no deceptive, outdated or manipulative marketing tactics (the world has had enough of those). Simply organic and authentic copy - exactly what your audience is calling for.

Why choose a conscious copywriter?

  • Collaborate with a like-minded creator

Choosing the right copywriter is an important step. Picking the first copywriter that comes your way simply won’t do. It’s like choosing the right interior designer to design your 'forever home' - you someone who is aligned with your vision to bring your dream to life. If not, you could end up living in a home that’s somewhat of an eyesore for you.

You’ve come too far to hand your message over to a copywriter who can’t relate to your business on a deeper level. Your message will truly come alive when written by someone who shares a similar level of awareness and can truly do your brand justice.

  • Instil your audience with confidence

The world is saturated with cheap and inauthentic copy. Using conscious copywriting will ensure your message is translated in an honest and transparent way, building your audience’s trust in your brand and services.

  • Nurture long-lasting relationships with your audience

There are no one-hit wonders here. When done correctly, conscious copy uses thoughtful language that builds a devoted following.

  • Ensure your brand embodies its message from the inside out

Being a conscious brand is about more than just your product or service. True conscious embodiment is interwoven throughout your entire business, including your copy. And remember, your copy is likely to be the first interaction your audience has with your brand... so make it count!

What to look for in the right copywriter

Choosing the right copywriter is central to the success of your mission. Here are some ways you can decipher whether the copywriter is a match made on earth.

  • Their website resonates with you

You should resonate with the copywriter’s website. From their branding to their messaging, you should feel drawn to the copywriter in some way. If you find their website to be generic, or even oriented towards a completely different audience, chances are they aren’t a good fit for you.

  • Their portfolio and testimonials speak volumes

Explore the copywriter’s portfolio and testimonials. Have they worked with similar brands? Do they have rave reviews from their clients? This is a good indicator that you’re moving in the right direction.

  • Your energy fuses

At some point, you’ll likely want to have a call with the copywriter. Use this as an opportunity to discuss ideas that relate to your mission. If you find yourselves bouncing ideas off one another and you feel they have a genuine interest in your mission, this could be the start of a beautiful collaboration.

Feeling called to work with a conscious copywriter?

VR Copy specialises in conscious copywriting for sustainable and conscious brands committed to bettering our planet. Send me a message to start the conversation.